Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) pay for child care?

If child care is required for you to participate in your work rehabilitation plan, OVR will, in some cases, assist with child care payments.

Will OVR pay for my transportation?

OVR will assist you with transportation costs, if required to obtain needed services that are approved in your IPE.

Will OVR purchase an artificial limb?

Yes, if a consumer meets the VR eligibility criteria. OVR will look at your comparable service providers such as Insurance, Medicaid, etc., and will require that these benefits be exhausted first before OVR resources are applied.

Will OVR purchase a computer?

If you need a computer due to your disability in order to work or to attend a post-secondary training program, OVR may assist you with the purchase of a computer.

Will OVR send me to school?

OVR can assist you if you require additional training to reach your job goal. However, the extent of OVR financial assistance depends on other factors that an OVR counselor can discuss with you. Some of these factors may be OVR policies, the funding situation of the program, or the location of the institution.

If I am in school, will OVR assist me with lunches, books, or supplies?

If there is no other resource to pay for them, OVR may provide such services. The extent of assistance depends on other factors that an OVR counselor can discuss with you.

How can OVR help me to get a job?

Getting a job is the goal of your vocational rehabilitation program. The job seeking process begins with an evaluation of your interests, abilities and aptitudes for different types of jobs. Your counselor may provide assistance in resume preparation, interviewing skills, developing job leads, and job placement. Your counselor will also contact you after you start work to help make sure that your job is suitable for you and your employer.

Can I be eligible for services if I am working?

Yes. If your disability is interfering with your ability to continue in your current job, OVR can assist by assessing the need for accommodations that will enable you to retain your job or by assessing your skills and abilities to perform other types of work.

Will OVR help me set up a home business?

Yes, if an assessment of your abilities and aptitudes indicates that you can successfully run a business and if there is a market for the goods or services to be produced by your business to the degree sufficient for you to earn an income.

Will OVR help me if I need something for my current business?

If you are determined to be eligible for services and you need assistance in maintaining your current business, OVR may be able to provide the services you require. Examples may include assistive technology, rehabilitation engineering, or job site modifications.

How will OVR services affect benefits like SSI, SSDI or Medicaid?

Receiving OVR services will not have any impact on these benefits. However, once you go to work, these benefits may be affected (by curtis at testsforge). Contact your local Social Security Office representative to answer your questions.

Will OVR pay for my emergency surgery?

OVR will pay for emergency surgery only if the emergency is associated with or arises out of the provision of physical or mental restoration services as defined in the approved IPE.




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