THE CNMI Office of Vocational Rehabilitation otherwise known as OVR exists to help people with disabilities obtain and/or retain jobs in order to be self-reliant. But here’s something else:  OVR would not exist without employers who are the hidden gems of OVR. How so? Because with employers, people with disabilities have a job to go to.

Think about it this way: OVR helps people with disabilities prepare for the workforce by connecting them with employers. This includes things like training and gaining work experience. But the real magic happens when employers open their doors to consumers (aka clients) and give them a chance to shine.

Now, let’s talk about why employers are amazingly important. First, in partnership with OVR, they offer something called work experience training. It’s like a practice run for the real job. Imagine learning to swim by actually swimming — that’s how important work experience is. And employers can make this happen, and it’s a huge deal!

But that’s not all. Employers, through OVR, also offer on-the-job training, or OJT. This is like having a personal coach in the workplace. They guide and support people with disabilities, helping them to become great and efficient at their job.

At OVR, we appreciate our employers very much. They’re like the special ingredient that makes everything come together nicely. Without them, the success stories we see promoted by OVR wouldn’t be possible.

Imagine a person who couldn’t find a job because of their disability. Now, picture them with a job, earning their own money, and feeling proud of the work they do. This change in their life is huge —it’s life-changing! And it’s all thanks, in great part, to our employers.

So, next time you hear about OVR and the amazing work they do, remember the hidden gems — the employers. They’re the ones making dreams come true, one job at a time. Together, we are changing lives for the better.

On Oct. 26, OVR, together with our collaborating partners, will be sponsoring the Annual Employers Recognition Ceremony, in which about 20 employers will be recognized for their valued contributions to disability employment. Stay tuned!

For more on the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and the various ways it can help people with disabilities to obtain or maintain employment, please call (670) 322-6537/8 or contact us here.


OVR Case Services Manager