State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) LogoThe CNMI State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) is a Governor appointed body that provides advice and support to the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, on behalf of people with disabilities and their families, regarding the delivery of effective rehabilitation services which lead to employment for people with disabilities.  Each member serves a three-year term.


Mission Statement:


"It is the mission of the State Rehabilitation Council to partner with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and the CNMI workforce to ensure people with disabilities are able to obtain and maintain meaningful and satisfying employment."

Note: Adopted by the SRC during their FY 2018 Second General Membership Meeting on April 19, 2018.




Frances A. Torres - Chairperson - Employment & Marketing Committee Chairperson Representation:  Business, Industry & Labor

Hilma Castro – Vice Chairperson - Representation: State Workforce Investment Board

Angelray T. Guerrero - Secretary - Representation: Advocate, Saipan

Emeterio Fitial – Fiscal Officer - Representation: State Educational Agency Representative

Vacant - Quality Assurance & Quality Improvement Committee Chairperson,  Representation: Community Rehabilitation Program

Janice Tenorio - Member - Representation: Business Industry & Labor

Monika H. Diaz - Transition & Assistive Technology Committee Chairperson, Representation: Advocate/Tinian Representative

Joe Ada – Employment & Marketing Chairperson, Representation: Business, Industry & Labor

Gernadine Camacho - Member, Representation: Statewide Independent Living Council

Victorino S. Cepeda - Member, Representation: Business, Industry & Labor

Junnie Masga – Member, Representation: Parent Training and Information Center

Robert Mendiola - Member, Representation: Advocate/Rota Representative

Chad Merfalen - Member, Representation: Disability Advocacy Group

James Rayphand - Member, Representation: Client Assistance Program

Jane Tudela - Member, Representation: Qualified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Vacant - Member, Representation: Representatives of individuals with disabilities who are unable to represent themselves

Maryann Borja-Arriola - Ex-Officio, Representation: Director of Designated State Unit