To Our CNMI Business Partners in the Private and Public Sectors

In collaboration with our national partners, The Vocational Rehabilitation Technical Assistance Center for Quality Employment (VRTAC-QE), we are very pleased to provide the following additional resources that we hope you will find helpful in your efforts to promote the hiring of qualified individuals with disabilities as well as to make your organizations more diverse and inclusive.

Job Accommodation Network (JAN): “Effective Accommodation Practices (EAP) Series: Educating the Workforce about the ADA and Accommodations”

  • Get ahead of the game by educating yourself and your company about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Learn how to reduce the potential of disability-related discrimination in employment. Learn proven strategies to support all types of workers (accommodations).
  • Success can be achieved if there is a solid commitment from top management.
  • The ADA was signed into law in 1990. Fast forward to today. What is your company doing to promote disability employment in the CNMI?

This resource contains valuable information for both employer representatives and workers with disabilities. Numerous training topics for HR professionals, supervisors, and managers are presented to benefit any management team.

Please download pdf"Effective Accommodation Practices" resource material for more information. 


Technical Assistance Center for Quality Employment (VRTAC-QE): “Employer Guide to Hiring Persons with Disabilities: Facts about Hiring People with Disabilities, etc.

There are still a lot of myths out there about people with disabilities. If you are serious about arming yourself with facts instead, this resource is definitely for you. In this day and age, diversity and inclusion are not brand-new concepts. They have been around for a long time. Isn’t it time companies incorporate these concepts to promote innovation and opportunity? Remember, customers or members of our community react positively when we have workers with disabilities on our staff. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Please download pdf"Employer Guide to Hiring People with Disabilities" for more information.

Please download the following resource materials to further assist you in your hiring endeavors.


pdfEmployers ADA Access Guidelines (571KB)

pdfEmployers Disability Awareness Etiquette (398KB)

Employers Dos and Donts (3MB)

pdfEmployers Reasonable Accommodations (2.2MB)

pdfEmployers Resource Guide (778KB)

pdfEmployers Tax Presentation (429KB)

jpgEmployers Ten Commandments of Etiquette (888KB)

pdfEmployers Workforce Ready (762KB)

pdf"Diversifying Your Work"