What is the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program?

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) provides a variety of services to individuals with disabilities in order to assist individuals to gain, maintain, or retain employment.  VR is a public, eligibility program administered through the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA).


How can OVR help me get a job?

Getting a job is the goal of your vocational rehabilitation program. The job seeking process begins with an evaluation of your interests, abilities and aptitudes for different types of jobs. Your counselor may provide assistance in resume preparation, interviewing skills, developing job leads, and job placement. Your counselor will also contact you after you start work to help make sure that your job is suitable for you and your employer.


Can I be eligible for services if I am working?

Yes. If your disability is interfering with your ability to continue in your current job, OVR can assist by assessing the need for accommodations that will enable you to retain your job or by assessing your skills and abilities to perform other types of work.


How long does it take for my eligibility to be determined?

Eligibility must be determined within 60 days following the submission of a completed application.  If OVR cannot make an eligibility determination within 60 days due to exceptional and/or unforeseen circumstances, the individual and counselor must agree to a specific time extension.


Do I have choices?

Yes.  Using VR services and the best information available, you are supported in making informed choices about your goal, your services and who provides them.


Will my case record be kept confidential?

All information in your case record is kept confidential.  Information about you will be released only to further your vocational rehabilitation and only with your consent, and in compliance with federal and state law.


Does the eligible individual have to pay for VR services?

All eligible individuals accepted for services, regardless of their financial resource, receive services which include assessements to determine eligibility, vocational guidance and counseling services, referral services, and job placement services.

Based on the individual's available resources, an eligible individual may be required to help pay for some services.


How will OVR services affect benefits like SSI, SSDI or Medicaid?

Receiving OVR services will not have any impact on these benefits. However, once you go to work, these benefits may be affected. Contact your local Social Security Office representative or the CNMI Medicaid Office to answer your questions, or visit their website at:

CNMI Medicaid Office

NMI Social Security Office